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B&B chic

July 6, 2011

While I would never adorn even a closet of mine with gaudy floral wallpaper, there’s just something about bed-and-breakfasts that necessitate such a quaint kitsch factor. The West Dover Inn, where we stayed for our weekend escape to Vermont, nailed that look with its explosion of floral patterns and country clutter in pretty much ever room (take a look for yourself at the guest rooms on the site). On top of the aesthetic bonus, the innkeepers were exceptionally friendly, helpful, and charming.

So let’s break down the art of B&B chic with a few simple rules:

1. Essential decor: antique radios, sepia globe, sepia anything, and colonial art. Bonus points for toile dishware, delicately chipped.

2. A credenza packed with board games old and new, pieces missing or scattered about, provides kitschy good fun. As does, of course, a partially complete jigsaw puzzle. (The innkeeper’s son was quick to declare puzzle assembly using an image of the final product indisputable cheating. I could not agree more.)

3. Serious props to innkeepers who provide handmade puzzles of maps with an X that marks the spot of the town’s best swimming holes.

4. Edible coziness: cheese, crackers, homemade preserves that, though unidentifiable, taste so good your guests eat it anyway, and a bottle of wine.

5. Additional antique radios set angled atop decorative doilies alongside a floral lantern-style table lamp perfectly offset floral wallpaper, floral sheets, floral pillowcases …

6. You can never, ever have enough charming floral (and literary) accoutrements.