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batten down the hatches, he’s got a hammer and nails

June 13, 2011

You will not find DIY innovation in these here parts. Past posts are clearly indicative of my skill level. As for the fella—let’s just say, having been raised to keep his nose in the books, B has the delicate hands of an aristocrat. So when I exclaim that recently he installed a freestanding shelf in the living room, my enthusiasm comes without a tinge of irony. Baby steps love company.

So I beam with pride over his bravery in entering the world of handymanship. Speaking of ships, more exciting is the reason for the shelf: B’s (much more crafty) grandfather once had a hobby of building model ships. No Legos, no plastic—just maddening precision and patience, piecing together matchstick-size planks and weaving yards and yards of string. Three such ships remain in B’s family’s possession; one most recently bestowed to us for repair and subsequent pageantry.

One mast had broken, a few of the strings had tangled, and other details had torn free from their adhesive restraints. B picked up some hobby glue/concrete, I fetched my tweezers, and we set to work.

I recall squealing incessantly on seeing such minute details, down to the helm, cannons and spyglasses adorning this antique.

I was especially thrilled to have found a reason to use the iHandy Level iPhone app. (Fun fact: Our living room slopes several degrees upward in the northwestern corner.)

We both found ourselves dangerously tempted to build our own model ship someday. This will probably lead to me buying a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle of a pirate ship and calling it a day.