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for the faint of craft

February 5, 2011

Crafting is not an activity that has been a big part of my life. I dropped out of Girl Scouts at age 8. My sewing skills are limited to button reassignment. And I lack the obligatory colorful, joyful bin of “scraps” and “supplies” to “create” to my heart’s content.

So allow me to have a wee bit of pride in my first pseudo-crafty activity, which is certifiably the easiest craft in the world of creative mix’n’match. I made a magnet.

Science also not being my thing (though I find it fascinating in its mystifying complexities), I do not mean I literally made a magnet. I ventured downtown to enter the only legitimate craft store of which I know in the city (seriously, is Pearl the only craft store in New York?), bought some lovely simply little circular black magnets, and trotted on home.

Rather, I spruced up a magnetcan I say I craftied it?with a darling little ceramic work of art that my cousin hand-painted and gifted me on a birthday so many years ago. I love this little piece and have no idea how I haven’t lost or broken it over the years. It’s far too small for standard presentation (hanging, propping upright on a shelf) so one day I had realized it would make a darling magnet.

Magnets fresh in hand, crazy glue among my paltry supplies, I got to gluing.

And a new contributor now joins the commemorative fridge wall.

fun fact: the illustration is of my dad's family's villa outside of budapest. it's oozing as much old-world charm as one can fit into an enchantingly dilapidated central european country home.