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mine is a fickle garden

June 27, 2011


As the silhouettes of my herbs gaze sorrowfully at me from the windowsill, I have noticed a particularly spry weed amid the mostly wilting cilantro. Turns out the plant flowered under my nose, which might explain its rather disheveled mien of late. The rest of the herbs are offering little encouragement on the sidelines; each looks weary in its own right. Somehow I continue managing to water them too much or too little … or perhaps they’re just averse to the tap.


My tomato plant, on the other hand, is exploding. The suckers are growing faster than I can pinch them off. While it’s still a ways away from showing fruit, it’s a delight to tend to; if my herbs are grimacing, my tomato plant is beaming.

But I’ll fight for your, herbs, Mother Nature help me, I will. I just might pass on the cilantro next season. Really, I barely even use it. Barely.