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January 4, 2012

5. Expanding my cookery horizons. (…in some vague, yet-to-be-determined kind of way. Suggestions?)

4. Commence home decluttering.

3. Re-commence photo-taking.  (= discontinue laziness?)

2. Greetings, side project (more to come …).

1. So long, Amazon (dot com; not the river, I hope).

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good fight!



November 5, 2011

After two weekends of travel and continuous activity, I took much delight in this lazy Saturday afternoon. Channeled the kitty’s mantra: 30% lying around (preferably in a warm patch of sunlight), 10% productivity (e.g., hunting pests, baking a quince pie), 60% staring at things (e.g., internet, ??).

Also, after downloading it maybe 6 months ago, I finally decided to try out Instagram. Results above. Does that boost my productivity to 12%?

Time for date night! Classic ol’ dinner + movie. What a day.

charm! wit! touché!

October 10, 2011

I often find myself loath to start and end professional emails with those seemingly obligatory pleasantries, yet appreciative when I’m in receipt of such courteous effort—so I accept it as a necessary evil. My dad, a medical-university professor, has found a clever way around this necessity, evidently finding the effort as tedious as I have. He shared with me this delightful exchange between himself and a colleague, who offered a most uniform retort:

On 26 Sep 2011, at 2:24 PM, K wrote:

Hi D,

[Some pleasantries here, preferably with humor.]

Unless instructed otherwise by you, your PHRM 601 quiz question with the “Mark all” instruction will be scored 1 point if all 4 answers are selected, anything else will be 0.

[More pleasantries]

Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 4:13 PM

Hi K,

[Witty pleasantries that relate to, but extend, the pleasantries already set forth in your pleasantries.]

This is correct.

[Pleasantries having no humor of any kind.]

Only razor-sharp wit can make such mundane tasks an absolute delight. Can we all follow suit?

love is a banana on your purse

October 5, 2011

…left by your fella in the morning. No, this isn’t innuendo, it’s a guy whose mother pleaded with him to eat a banana every day growing up (still does when we visit!). Can’t escape our youth. But at least it can present itself in a most endearing fashion.


October 3, 2011

Pardon me, I’ve been away from my desk.

Though my body returned a few weeks ago, my mind is still floating somewhere along the Danube.

More to come as I settle back into settling back.

come on irene

August 29, 2011

Suffice it to say, the mere preparation for the hurricane tropical storm caused more calamity than its actual presence by the time it reached Brooklyn.

On taking a walk around the neighborhood to survey the damage in Irene’s wake, the remnants are a bit underwhelming—at least compared with the stock of canned foods, cooked rice, and bottled water I now have.

And why not impart some sage advice amid the chaos?

a paler shade of green

August 24, 2011

Green my thumb is not. Nor is it olive, jade, emerald, or even that Crayola Spring Green with the textured flecks of yellow that really stood out when you were honing your shading skills as a third grader. See, I’ve managed to kill all but one of my herb plants (cilantro was the first to go; quitter). Incidentally, the remaining soul is the basil I’ve grown from seed, not any of the ones I picked up at the farmers market a few months back. Not to say the little one is flourishing, mind you.

That said, my tomato plant is looking great … minus the whole “tomato” bit. There has, however, been a sighting of one pea-size (and -color) fruit dangling from a vine somewhere in that mess of foliage and slender yellow petals. At this rate, I am hoping to have some juicy, sweet tomatoes come wintertime. Until then, I’ll dream of tomato and basil soup; the aura of anticipation may be my last hope to grow this pesky garden.

Or I can always blame the cat.

drip drip drop

August 18, 2011

Few things make home more cozy than a quiet rainy morning hinting at autumn’s return.

Pity that the moment is disturbed by vocational obligations.


August 14, 2011

As much fun as you can cram into a few days, and it never feels like enough. The visit began to my former home, ended in my future home? Too soon to tell, but I love me some San Francisco. An X chromosome weekend with my besties from undergrad, preceded by a much needed family visit.

The little one becomes less and less so every time I see her. Her mind is so wide and absorbent. Every word is spoken with such enthusiasm as if it’s an inside joke she can hardly contain herself to keep. But nothing beats the scrunching of her tiny button nose as she grins coyly to say “eww” at anything on the ground or in the trash that warrants it. Who knew used tissues could produce such precious moments?

Being at the age of mimicry, chores are anything but. Never have I seen a more ardent performance of the sweeping of pine needles.

Then off to the city to have the at-least-annual silly good time with these lovely ladies.

I took the opportunity to convert my ladies to marathon cheerers, since the SF marathon neatly overlapped with my getaway and our mutual friend was running it. Have I mentioned how crazy fun marathon cheering is? Much more fun than running.

Standing at the 20-mile mark, we shouted words of encouragement, names when we could read them. It feels great to hear them shout back “THANK YOU” or even just seeing their solemn focus broken by a grin. One woman, exhaustion in her face but her legs pumping tough as ever down the hill, called back to us, “You don’t know how much this helps!” But most of all, it’s just fun to make a scene, particularly when most other bystanders are quietly observing, saving their outcries for a specific someone.

And what better ending to an extended weekend then coming home to my fella and my furball?

(I love this photo.)

immobilize to mobilize

July 20, 2011

this happened.

and then this happened.

Such a nice fella. Next step: getting him to keep cooking even after I’ve stopped hobbling around with a crutch. (I kid. He’s becoming a wonderful sous chef. Even if he’s still a bit timid with the appropriate way to chop veggies.)

N.B.: It’s just a sprain! Alas, I’ve finally gotten the chance to perform the litmus test for human decency on my commute, and the results are a wee bit grim. Still, a few nice people have offered seats, held doors, and one lady even helped me push through one of those particularly heavy floor-to-ceiling turnstiles!