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December 31, 2011

This time of year sweeps us away on many adventures …

… exploring the wilderness …

… discovering mystical creatures …

… and taming ancient dragons.

(My niece is so fun.)


home sickness

December 4, 2011

It may still be sunny out despite the calendar date, but it’s winter in my brain. Maybe it’s that the kitchen shelves are feeling too full—or the cold I woke up with this morning—but the urge to make foodstuffs took over this weekend.

On the menu? Friday it was biscotti (in a box), made pretty quickly and easily between getting home from work, having some dinner and heading back out to the city to see Baths (which, by the way, wow). Saturday I attempted some delicious sounding spinach-cheese puffs, which turned out more like spinach-cheese cookies, as the dough was a bit too thin to take shape without the aid of the muffin tin I don’t own. Shapelessness aside, they were pretty tasty.

Today, which I have dubbed sick-day sunday, I sat around doing next to nothing beyond feebly fighting off the onset of the aforementioned cold. Trapped at home with a full pantry, I came to a toss-up between pumpkin spice bread (in a box) or from-scratch granola, which was inspired by the recent NYT re-posting of this recipe. With hope that working from scratch would make the lost day seem more fulfilling, the latter won out.

I followed the recipe more or less, but used only almonds in place of pumpkin seeds and pistachios, added dried cranberries, and cut the maple syrup suggestion in half (which was still way more than enough, lest ye be seeking a diabetic coma).

Add a splash of milk or a dollop of yogurt: love. This recipe is a keeper.

Here’s hoping my senses return to normal tomorrow so I can fully appreciate my homemade breakfast. And here’s to spending a full day at home cooking and eating, guilt-free. More to come? (Please, no.)