1936 vintage

October 12, 2011

During our recent frolic through Central Europe, the Hungarian leg of the tour allowed us pleasures available only to those who have the good fortune of knowing a local. I was fortunate enough to one-up even that: family. My living relatives span many generations, and many homes—the majority of which remain in Budapest, where I was born. One of said homes is a family inheritance, built in 1936 and having survived all that followed in subsequent years. It’s filled with antiques and treasures that breathe their age: the villa has that fragrance of equal parts must and freshness, because life has never left this summer house for long. This is where we stayed for five delightful days.

The entrance…

… the foyer, containing a trunk with buried treasure …

… the living room, with much of the furniture and decor untouched for decades (besides a good dusting) …

… a lamp draped in upholstery (I love it) …

… the kitchen (facing the front yard) …

… the upstairs nook leading to a few rooms …

… and the patio, which has hosted many a family reunion, and faces a downward sloping backyard and a stunning view.

Funny how a place you visit only once every few years can feel so very inviting.


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