a new summer coat

May 21, 2011

Add furniture painter to the resume because I am taking crazy baby steps all over the world of craft! Copious self-pats-on-the-back over here. Gave my desk chair a makeover with a nice new coat of paint, courtesy of Home Depot’s oops shelf. Hooray for pretty 50-cent paint!

Quick (unnecessary?) sanding and coat of primer-and-paint-in-one, and voilà:

I read copious instructions on how to do this—my primary apprehension being with the sanding. I bought a few sheets of 100 grit and sanded my hands warm … and, quite honestly, I don’t even know if it did a thing. But I cleaned it off, slapped on the paint, and here we are.

The best surprise is that I wanted to try for the “distressed” look, and it happened rather naturally as I painted. Finding that primer-in-the-paint mix meant I could paint lightly and let the wood color peek out without having to strategically sand parts of the chair for that refined-distressed (oxymoron?) appearance.

Now I have the bug. The painting bug. Hopefully B stops me before the apartment becomes a technicolor coat.


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